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I am renting my house, is there a temporary base I can use ?

If I cant lay a concrete slab, what other options are there for a base ?

What is the best base for my garden shed ?

I am renting my house, is there a temporary base I can use?

The main concern here is making the shed safe during high winds & storms.

A timber frame & base can be constructed from pine sleepers. The shed is then secured to the sleepers with self-drilling timber screws making it safe during high winds. Being placed on these sleepers will also raise it above the ground level preventing water running into the shed during heavy rains [subject to the lay out of the land].

If you do not wish to put any base down, then we can supply star pickets which would be driven into the ground on the inside of the shed. This means that there would be no floor. In this case there will be a moisture problem inside the shed & it is recommended to place a timber pallet or similar on the ground to raise your items up away from the moisture.   

The timber pallet is a great alternative for a garden shed base. It provides the garden shed with a base, but still allows for a short term and long term effect. The timber pallets are made to suit any garden shed. All timbers used for the pallet are termite and rot resistant. All thats needed for the base is a level ground. Please "CONTACT US" for a price on a timber pallet to suit your garden shed.

If I can't lay a concrete slab what other options are there for a base ?

Your shed can be installed on a timber deck - the deck is usually built on site to the specs of the shed.

Concrete pavers can also be used [usually 450mm x 450mm square]. Lay pavers on a solid base over crusher dust or bedding sand and dynabolt the shed to the pavers. Batter the outside edge of the area with a mortar/concrete mix to hold pavers in.     


What is the best base for my garden shed ?

If the site is suitable, then a concrete slab is the best base to use, a concrete slab will be the easiest to keep clean & will keep your items dry.

To ensure you have the cleanest option, then it is a good idea to seal the concrete with a suitable concrete sealer or paint [available from hardware stores & paint shops].

If you require a QBCC licenced concretor please CONTACT US.

Most slabs laid by our concretor are rebated - this prevents water running in underneath the shed base rail.