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How long do glides last on sliding door sheds ?

Is a lock provided with the garden shed ?

What are the advantages of hinged doors ?

What are the advantages of sliding doors ?

What maintenance is required on the doors ?

Whats better, sliding or hinge doors ?

Where can I put the doors on my shed ?


How long do glides last on sliding door sheds? 

The glides on the sliding door garden sheds may last up to fifteen years, as long as they are well maintained.                                                                                                                               

If you require door glides please visit our spare parts website;  


Is a lock provided with the garden shed?

No, a lock is not provided with the garden shed. The hinge doors have a sliding padbolt and a padlock can be used to lock the shed. The sliding doors have a metal handle and a padlock can be used to secure the shed.

What are the advantages of hinged doors?

The advantages of hinged doors;                                                           

Hinged doors can be placed on any wall of a garden shed (subject to a minimum depth requirement), meaning that access to your garden shed can be exactly where you need it.

The door opening on double hinged door garden sheds is nearly double the size of a sliding door opening.

What are the advantages of sliding doors?

The advantages of sliding doors;

Sliding doors donít require additional outside space, due to their side to side operation.  Meaning that sliding door garden sheds require less space, which can be critical in some backyards.

Sliding door garden sheds are easier to enter and exit, as the doors to not need to be held open.     

Sliding doors do not get blown around in high winds.          


What maintenance is required on the doors?

All garden shed doors require some maintenance as the shed starts to age.             

Sliding doors - spray the plastic door glides (& inside the top track) at the top of the doors with a silicone spray several times a year. Silicone spray is a dry lubricant & does not attract dust & dirt like some oil type lubricants  .

Cleaning out the sliding door track several times a year will ensure the doors slide smoothly. If this track becomes filled with dirt and other debris, simply sweep it out.                                          

Hinged door garden sheds will require some WD40 lubricant or similar to be sprayed on the hinges at least three times a year (this will also prevent rust). Also, checking on the alignment of the doors every so often to ensure they are opening and shutting properly.    

Whatís better, sliding or hinged doors?      

The amount of space which is available around the garden shed is used as a general guide, when deciding on hinged or sliding doors.                                                                                                                   

Sliding doors are more appropriate in smaller spaces where surroundings could cause obstructions to the doors, since they donít open outwards, they donít require any additional space. Also, sliding doors do not need to be held open to allow access to your garden shed.                                             

On a windy day the hinge door can get blown around when entering and is sometimes dangerous.

Other considerations are that pricing on sliding door garden sheds are slightly cheaper, because they are manufactured as standard and are more popular.        

Oldfields Treco have both options - sliding being the most popular - hinged when doors are required on the side wall. 

Where can I put the doors on my shed?   

The door position on your garden shed differs depending on the type of door which is being purchased;                                                                                                                                                               

Sliding doors can only go underneath the gable of the garden shed.

Single hinged doors can be put on any wall of the garden shed with a minimum depth of 1.5mts (except in the skillion roof models).

Double hinged doors, can be put on any wall with a depth of 2.1mts or more.