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Structural Questions

Can I insulate my shed ?

Can I modify the shed once its installed ?

Can I store chemicals in my garden shed ?

Is my garden shed waterproof ?

What can I do to increase the waterproofing of the shed ?

What is a portal frame ?

What is the wind rating of the sheds ?

What tools do I require to put my garden shed up ?

Whats the difference between all the different roof options ?

Can I insulate my shed ? 

Yes, your garden shed can be insulated. Brisbane Garden Sheds can supply this to you, or install this for you. For costings please phone your local display centre.

Can I modify the shed once itís installed ?

Any modifications made to your garden shed will void your warranty, Brisbane Garden Sheds suggest you seek advice from a shed specialist prior to making any modifications.

Can I store chemicals in my garden shed ?

Yes, chemicals can be stored in your garden shed. The Oldfields / Treco garden shed includes ventilated gables, ensuring air flow throughout the garden shed at all times. Caution must be exercised as most chemicals are corrosive & in time may corrode your shed.

Al alternative to the metal sheds is a plastic shed. Which is also great for storing all your chemicals. The plastic sheds have great ventilation, which also ensures a great amount of air flow. Plastic sheds wont rust, rot, crack denot or peel.

To have a look at Brisbane Garden Sheds vast range of plastic sheds please click on the following link;

Is my garden shed water proof ?

Garden sheds are not water proof as such, but precautionary measures can be put in place to limit water getting into the shed.        

What can I do to increase the waterproofing of the shed?

It is suggested that the shed be placed on a rebated slab. This prevents water seeping under the base rails & into the shed. If installed on a flat slab, sealing of the base is suggested using a good quality silicone [or polyurethene] sealant suitable for concrete & steel Other precautionary measures are making sure you have good shelving & keeping all your items off the concrete floor.

What is a portal frame?

A portal frame is included in the Extra-Large and some of the Extra-Tall sheds.

It is box section steel frame positioned near the centre of the shed to improve the sheds structural properties.

By adding heavy duty mid wall bracing, Oldfields have made the strongest [non cyclonic] garden shed on the market.  

What is the wind rating of the sheds?

All Oldfields Treco garden sheds have a wind rating of W41.

The Treco sheds have an internal framing & the wall sheets are screwed to the top, middle & bottom rails, they are one of the strongest sheds on the market.

In 3 metre wide sheds there are 3 roof trusses, which the roof sheets are screwed to, increasing the strength of the shed even more. 

The Oldfields Treco range of sheds are the strongest [non cyclonic] shed on the market.  

What tools do I require to put my garden shed up ?

The tools required to assemble your newly purchased garden shed are;                                                                                                

1. Step Ladder                                                                                             

2. 6.5mm Masonary Drill Bit & suitable Power drill                                                                      

3. Tape Measure                                                                                                        

4. Philips-head screw driver bit                                                                                                 

5. Battery Drill                                                                                               

6. Dynabolts                                                                                              

7. Multi Grips 

Whatís the difference between all the different roof options?

There are three main types of roofing when it comes to garden sheds;

Gable Roof Garden Sheds - This type of roof peaks in the middle. This is the most attractive looking shed & the peak [gable] adds strength to the shed's roof. In a standard Oldfields Treco shed the gable end is over the doors, this means that the water runs off to the sides & not on your head when entering the shed.

Flat Roof Garden Sheds - This type of roof is flat.  The flat roof model is only on smaller [narrow] sheds as there is no structural strength in them. They are usually incorporated in the budget line as well.

Skillion Roof Garden Sheds - This type of roof slopes to one side. This is a limited range & can slope to the front or rear of the shed.