Narrow Slider Shed – Zinc

3000mm (w) x 780mm (d) x 1800m front 1950 rear (h)



Looking to maximise available space?  This Narrow Sliding 3000mm (w) x 780mm (d) x 1950mm (h) Reverse Skillion Slider is the perfect shed storage solution.  There is a 660mm Sliding single door to allow for easy access to your shed’s contents.  Superior quality wheels roll smoothly along the inside of the pelmet and the tracks are so good they come with a Lifetime Warranty, the best on the market! Angled down from the rear wall, the roof slope allows for efficient water run-off, as well as providing additional headroom and storage towards the rear of your shed. Available in an exclusive range of 20 bespoke colours in 100% Bluescope steel.

Note: As per our product images, all of our Trims such as Channels, Flashings and Jambs are provided in Off White coloured Materials.


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