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Concrete Slab

Concrete Slabs

Concrete Slabs

Types of slabs

Flat Slab: A flat slab is designed to be approximately 100mm larger then the width and base of your garden shed. The shed then sits directly on top of this. To prevent water getting into the shed it is recommended to seal the base of your garden shed. Brisbane Garden Sheds does not provide this service but we recommend Sikaflex to do the job.

Rebated Slab: A rebated slab is a slab with an elevated area inside the shed, the shed walls then sit over this elevated area. This prevents water from running under the base of the shed, making it more waterproof under normal circumstances. This type of slab is highly recommended from the team at Brisbane Garden Sheds.

What size slab do I need?

Brisbane Garden Sheds can provide a rebated slab plan or flat slab dimensions for all the garden sheds we sell. So once you have made the decision on size, we can send you through the template required.

I am on the Northside / Southside of Brisbane, Do you have a concretor?

Yes we do, we have a concretor based on the Northside of Brisbane and another based on the Southside of Brisbane. We recommend both very highly, so it’s just a matter of your location as to who we refer you too.

I am using my own concretor, any helpful suggestions?

Some suggestions from the team if you have chosen to outsource your concretor is to do your research, and make sure your concretor is QBCC licensed. It is unfortunate when we have had previous customers outsource their concretor and all has not gone to plan. If the slab is not level, or to size it is impossible to install your new garden shed. Even when outsourcing we can still supply you a template slab plan for the shed you are purchasing.

– Let the concretor know that you have a template slab plan for the shed, and make it known the dimensions are to be exactly the same as the plan.

– The slab needs to be level, garden sheds cannot be installed on a slab that is not level. It is very common for concretors to put a fall on a slab, this allows for water run off. When doing a garden shed slab this theory does not work the same, as the squared shed cannot sit uneven.


Your Shed selection Process

  • 1. Select the following: Roof Type / Width / Depth / Doors / Wall / Colour
  • 2. Select Accessories: Shelving / Windows / Hooks
  • 3. Do you want your garden shed Pick Up / Delivered OR Delivered & Installed
  • 4. Do you need a concrete slab and a referral to a licensed concretor?
  • 5. Now contact our display centre – (07) 3277 3008

Can’t find the size your looking for? We can customise garden sheds to suit your place!

Need a concrete slab for your new garden shed? We can refer you to a QBCC licensed concretor!